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Aneela Facilities Managements


Facilities Management & HR Services Provider

At your service whenever you need a Facilities & Maintenance at your business & Home

A long legacy of trusted services

 Facilities Management.

is a reputed Integrated Facilities Management Service Provider in the UAE, known for its customer-centric approach and values-drive management style. We provide a variety of hard FM services such as MEP maintenance, building fabric maintenance, energy management as well as soft FM services such as façade cleaning, landscaping, waste management and more.

HR Services.

☞ Global Network: We have a global network or contacts with diverse types of candidates from different specialization areas. Hence, be it any location, we can hire native employees for you within the exact salary bracket that you are willing to offer. We even try to locate candidates, who are ready to work at a less salary, so as to provide you with a cost saving option.

☞ Advanced Hiring Sources: Apart from the job boards or portals, we use several other advanced sources that help us hire the perfect match for your specific needs. Most of our hiring is done through classified and social networks. We constantly update the latest job info over our social media channels, which in turn, generate a huge response from the potential job seekers.

Integrated Service Delivery


To provide customers with the best professional service at all times To use the space age materials with modern technology; thus keeping the environment clean at all times. To create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all customers, employees and the community we serve. To motivate elimination of all sources of occupational hazards and provide the highest level of quality and service at a very competitive price. To be recognized as the leading accredited facility management company providing quality services to all sectors of business.


With our extensive experience in handling all aspects of building maintenance, we can promise a top quality service that will have your premises functioning to world-class standards.


We have provided services to buildings of all scales, from smaller office spaces to large, multi-storey developments, meaning that we can devise the ideal tailor-made solution to match your needs.


☞Largest database of CV's

☞Hire Right Candidate Online

☞Experienced HR Experts Hassle-      free

☞Recruitment Process

☞Cost Effective Solution

☞You Hire With Confidence





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